Varun Gandhi down down!

The sad state of Indian politics is not something I like to rant about. But the recent incident of Varun Gandhi delivering a provocative, disgusting and  religiously polarizing speech has forced me to write this post.

For the uninitiated, you might want to watch this video to see how politicians in India deliver speeches full of religious hatred to the masses in order to win votes and therefore the elections to the general and state assemblies:


With youth entering the Indian politics, I hoped that the speeches of these young politicians will focus more on development-related issues and topics that a common man can relate to. I thought that they will talk about how they plan to improve the living standard of people in the backward areas. But I guess I was wrong. This speech is very disappointing and saddening.

Maybe this whole thing about “younger people will bring fresh life to Indian polity” is incorrect. I do not see any young politician talking the real stuff, focusing on real issues. I understand that to win the vote of the masses some of the old gimmicks have to be adopted but not these ones.

Dude you want to cut their heads and do what? Push this country into civil war, fragment a society which is almost always at dew point on such matters!