Hello, I am Vivek.

Welcome to my privy page. If you already know me, you might want to skip the text below and scroll down to check out my diary blog and the law blog on the main domain. If you are just looking around, do leave a comment below and let me know what you think about the site, I developed it myself. Your feedback is important to me.

About Me
I am a lawyer, advocate, attorney, a student of law, and a former finance professional with keen interest in technology, web development, social media, blogging, and other writing. I also like to follow technology news and developments in the computer hardware and gadgets. I used to be an avid PC gamer. Fortunately, never got addicted to gaming consoles like x-box, Playstation, Wii, nitendo, gameboy etc :). Reading bug bit, me late. I can’t call myself an avid reader, but I have read a couple of books and written reviews of the same in my web diary (scroll down to view my diary feed and visit it). My other areas of interests hover around economics, religion, politics, international affairs, and relations, wars, anthropology, history, and mythology. While the list may seem long, I know just a little bit about any of these fields. I like to keenly follow any new developments in these disciplines while gauging their impact on our lives.

My Qualifications
Much earlier to completing my LL. B and LL. M, I have done my bachelor’s in business management honors from Institute of Chartered Financial Analyst of India (Hyderabad) and my master’s in business administration from SP Jain Center of Management (Singapore, Dubai). I have done a couple of other things which you can check out below.


Vivek Sanghi
Work Experience
2021 to present Independent Law Practice, India
Legal Attorney/Advocate
Description: Part time practice as an independent advocate in own office while pursuing part-time work in previous role at Senior’s chamber
  • Legal Advice including free legal advice for economically weaker clients
  • Legal Notices and Pre-Action letters for clients in India, USA, Canada, and Caribbean countries
  • Filed and got decreed mutual consent divorce applications
  • Drafted various indentures as per client requirements and received enthusiastic approval and testimonials from clients
  • Pursuing certification courses to enhance breadth and depth of knowledge and learn about new advances in the legal field
2018 to 2021 Chambers of an even busier Civil Litigation Attorney, India
Associate Advocate
My Responsibility – Litigation Attorney & Paralegal work
  • Complete drafting and filing of civil suits from first Legal Notice, rejoinders thereto, Suits, Petitions, Memos, Written Statements, Counters, Rejoinders/ Replications, Evidence Affidavits, Written Submissions/ Written Arguments
  • Drafting of indentures such as Agreements of Sale and Sale Deeds of immoveable properties, Wills, Memorandums, tailored Commercial Agreements
  • First presentation of suit before the Judge via an out of order application (wherever necessary)
  • Representation of cases in various Courts on daily basis
  • Client interaction
  • Case law research and highlighting relevant text for Senior’s perusal
  • Court Section office work
  • Converted diary based case date tracking to Ms Excel based tracking system, the “Advocate Manager”, within first 3 months of joining the office, leading to increased efficiency
  • Arranged file cabinet for easy retrieval as per instructions of the Senior and with passage of time improved the system
  • Troubleshot various computer issues, network issues, and contributed to reduce down-time due to technical problems
2017 to 2018 Chambers of a very busy Civil Litigation Attorney, India
Law Intern
  • Drafted impactful legal pre-action Notices that even led to request for compromise
  • Learnt drafting of civil suits, petitions, memos, written statements, and study case files
  • Represented office matters in various civil courts and handled all kinds of Court section office work
2010 to 2016 A retail ventures company, India
Description: Took the entrepreneurial route and established a business of retail of textiles, garments, crockery, and imported gift items


  • Managed all aspects of the business right from sweeping the floor in absence of staff to closing sale and purchased transactions worth valuable amounts
  • Managed all aspects of the business from ‘a’ to ‘z’, while simultaneously pursuing studies in Law
  • Expanded to multiple stores; established, and operated franchise store of multiple brands
  • Had my share of successes and learnings with some stores turning profitable while others became teachers
  • Sold the business to third-parties for entering the legal field
2009 to 2010 A Textile manufacturing, trading, and retail company, India
Management Trainee
  • Got trained in ladies ethnic garments trading and retail operations
  • Work with the franchise development team for franchise expansion across India
  • Site visits to assess potential franchise locations and the franchisee for their business generating capability
  • Develop business plan and budgets for various activities such as marketing, advertising and franchise development
  • Handled Franchise coordination and operations
  • Assisted in personnel development by assessing and developing road-map for employees, handling salesmen grievances, conveying salesmen feedback to management and causing profitable changes in retail stores
  • Revamped company’s IT communication systems, migrated its ecommerce websites to a single platform to drive up efficiencies, improve control, and benefit from cost savings
  • Performed SMO activities to promote the company brands and its ecommerce activities online
  • Franchise coordination and Operational activities
    • Handling communication with new and existing franchisees
    • Handling warehouse and inventory teams
    • Setting up of process and procedures for various franchise coordination and operational activities
    • Conceptualization and development of process literature, SOPs, and franchisee Key Performance Indicators and derive reports
2008 to 2009 A financial analytics and business research company, India
Analyst, Financial Analytics
My responsibility: working in various teams for client projects/product development


    • Work in cross-geography teams for international clients as part of a team
    • Research diverse industries, sectors, and companies and create reports for clients to identify investment opportunities from a fundamental and valuation perspective as part of a team
    • Analyze profiles, business models, value chain, sales mix, and growth potential of a company from a fundamental perspective as part of a team

Projects Handled

    • Formulated growth strategies for a distribution company under a management consulting assignment as part of a team
    • Researched equities as a buy-side analyst for a UK based private equity client as part of a dedicated team
    • Covered Indian iron & steel sector and prepared investment memos / research reports as part of a dedicated team
    • Developed a suite of equity indices, Style-based investing and portfolio allocation strategies as part of a dedicated team
      • Involved in development and maintenance of financial products such as India Style Matrix, a suite of size-based, valuation-based, and economic sector-based equity indices, and passive/active investment strategies
      • Tracked and analyzed various factors influencing the Indian economy and financial markets regularly
      • Prepared monthly stock market diaries by analyzing the movement of Indian equities, tracked by the company’s proprietary stock market index
      • Assisted my Manager to pitch the above mentioned products through product presentations to potential clients
Pre-MBA Work Experience
2005 – 2006 A large and popular web-based reseller, India (8 months)
Associate, Merchant Accounts Management
  • Trained extensively to understand the reseller’s ordering and payment systems
  • Researched and solved B2B merchants’ problems via email-based support, based on knowledge of the resellers ordering, and payment systems and transaction policies
  • Achievements:
    • Lowest “Expressed Dissatisfaction Rate” (a Key Performance Indicator) for Merchant Support amongst 20 associates at Indian operations during my entire tenure
    • First to handle over 1000 merchant queries from India site by maintaining consistently low handling time
    • Ranked all time #3 in “maximum number of merchant cases resolved by an individual in a week” amongst 150 associates across all offices worldwide
    • Awarded most “Independent Researcher” award twice in the year 2005
2004 – 2005
(Part time)
A large private insurance company, India (18 months – Part time)
Advisor, Life Insurance
  • Identified and approached potential clients by collecting target customer information
  • Sold life insurance products to clients after assessing factors such as income, investment amount and risk appetite
  • Worked on a part-time basis during the final year of my graduate education course at ICFAI
  • Achievements:
    • Certified as an Insurance Agent by the Insurance Development and Regulatory Authority of India (IRDA)
    • Ranked #3 in terms of premiums collected (sales) for the month of May 2004
2018 – 2020 LL.M
P.G. College of Law, Osmania University
  • Specialized in Constitutional Law
  • Dissertation Project: “Constitution May Have Failed the People Seeking Legal Recourse and Redressal for Having Suffered Due To Negligence at the Hands Of A Medical Professional”
2013 – 2018 B.A. LL.B
K.V. Ranga Reddy Law College, Osmania University
  • Figured consistently among top three students of the batch in terms of academic performance
2006 – 2007 Global Masters in Business Administration
S.P. Jain Center of Management, Dubai and Singapore
Major: Finance
  • Member of Placement Committee, Entrepreneurship and Networking Club at SPJCM
  • Edited for and contributed articles to ‘Archaeopteryx’ (fortnightly SP Jain newsletter)
  • Dissertation Project: Investor Behavior in Bullion Markets
    • Analyzed gold price movements (using Investor Behavior theories) in response to certain defined events across other asset classes like equity, bonds and fixed deposits
    • Conducted an event study on price behavior of gold using more than 30 years of daily-level price data
    • Employed statistical tools to discover patterns in price movement between various asset classes
  • Special Group Project on Islamic Finance with a large Malaysian bank, Singapore
    • Prepared a case study on the bank and the Singapore Market based on research and analysis of the challenges faced by the bank in deposit mobilization and introduction of Islamic financing products
    • Designed a new Shariah-Compliant product and marketing plans for the same
2002 – 2005 Bachelors in Business Management
ICFAI University, India
Major: Finance
  • ICFAI merit scholarship holder of Rs.100,000/-
  • Awarded first prize for academic performance in subject IT & Systems amongst a batch of 190 students
  • Prepared a report on “India: Agenda for Success by 2020” (under the guidance of the Academic Wing, ICFAI ) for a National level inter-college management festival and finished runners up in the event
  • Edited for and contributed articles to the college periodical “Tarangini
Additional Information
  • Experienced working with Bloomberg Terminal, Reuters and Databases like EBSCO Host, ISI Emerging Markets, Capitaline, CMIE Prowess, Hoovers, Thomson Research and Thomson One Banker
  • Experienced working with HTML, WordPress, Web-hosting sites, FTP, Raspberry Pi projects
Extra Curricular Activities
  • Represented my graduation college and won prizes in national level management festivals of institutes such as PES-BBM (Bengalooru), Christ College (Bengaluru), SDM College (Mangalore)
  • Won accolades in inter and intra School\College Quiz and Elocution competitions
  • Won prizes in Inter\intra School and Intra College sports competitions
Other Information
  • Interests: Web-Blogging, Reading: Non-Fiction and Science Fiction, Computer Technology
  • Current Address: Removed
  • Permanent Address: Removed
  • Linkedin