Fighting the Naxal Problem using Guerrilla Warfare: Article Recommendation

India as a country faces tremendous challenge in maintaining its integrity due to widespread naxalite/militant problem within the country. This issue threatens to rip through the fabric of its democracy and could potentially lead to disintegration of the country if not handled properly. This problem is allegedly being exploited by certain foreign powers to create havoc and destruction in the country such that it finally fractures. This should not come as a shock to most of us because logically, supporting local militancy in a target country is one of the basic tenets of a proxy war (whether state sponsored or otherwise)

Note that it is beyond the purview of this article to judge whether the naxal movement and their cause is right or wrong. That would lead to a tangential discussion which though useful, is currently irrelevant and must be avoided.

I’d rather like to draw your attention to an interesting article I read in today’s newspaper regarding fighting the Naxal problem. I am particularly impressed with the last few paragraphs of this article where the author talks about decisive responses to naxal activities and use of hot pursuit operations. I strongly share this view and will write some thing of my own, once I can take time out of my otherwise busy schedule to think it over and collate my thoughts.