The Gods Themselves by Issac Asimov (Book Review 011)

the gods themselves by issac asimov

The Gods Themselves is a very popular novel by the great science fiction writer Issac Asimov. If you are an Asimov fan, chances are that you might have already read it. This novel was regarded by Asimov as one of his favourite works. It is one of the very few works of Asimov that contain vivid description of an intelligent alien life.

I managed to read the book on Kindle app on my ipad 2. The book is divided into three sections: (1) Give a history of the electron pump and describes us the characters and work of Fedrick Hallam and Peter Lamont. It also introduces Denison to us. (2) story on the other side i.e. the para universe (2) the story on moon and how a radio chemist resolves the problem with the electron pump.

The story is pretty gripping especially with the fictitious concept of electron pump and involvement of universes with varying laws. The consistency of scientific arguments (though fictitious) is incredible. In fact while describing various universes, in one conversation between two characters, Asimov also contemplates why the Big Bang happened. This is just the kind of stuff that a science fiction fan wants to read.

This novel has also won critical acclaim because Asimov describes alien universe and alien sex in detail. During his time, many of his fans had demanded description of aliens and sex in his works and through this novel Asimov had elated them much.

In my own experience, I found the second chapter on aliens to be a little dragging at time as I was very keen on seeing the progress in the story. The detailed description of the triad, their activities and their life, though incredibly appealing for the fans, was not some thing I enjoyed much.

In addition, it would have been great, if the story went back to Peter Lamont also in the third part. However, this is some thing that I feel due to attachment with the characters of the story during the course of my reading.