This section is under development.

1. Why do you post reviews of old and common books?

Ans. Dear friend, just because a book was written long ago, does not mean it is worthless. Sun Tzu’s Art of War was written thousands of years ago and still people read it (and some times with awe).

Secondly, I was bitten by the reading bug only recently and have a lot to cover, therefore you will find that I have posted reviews of certain books that you might have completed reading when you were a young teenager. Please bear with me for that.

2. Can I request a book review?

Ans. Yes. If you would like me to review a particular book, please drop a line. However, I will be constrained due to time and money factors so you gotta be patient once you place a request. And if the book in question is a really expensive one, I might not be able to help you. (Review requests are currently closed)

3. You have many posts which also appear in your tech blog. Why duplicating?

Ans. My tech blog had started off as a personal diary. However, after I switched to blogger beta, I got interested in blog hacking and started following many blog-hackers. I started making small additions to their hacks which my reader found useful and soon the majority of traffic coming to my blog was for the hacks. So I decided to create this new blog which is strictly a personal diary.

Many of my old posts still lie on my tech blog and I do not want to delete them. In addition, I will be posting book reviews on both the blogs as I want to have all my book reviews in my diary as well. Some new posts other than book reviews may also appear in both the blogs, if I deem it fit. For example, some thing on blogging rights and freedom of speech fits well in both the blogs.

4. Why are you posting poetry written by others and what about it’s copyright/legal stuff?

Ans. I am not a poet and cannot write poetry but I am capable of appreciating good poems. I had started taking English poetry reading seriously during my class (grade) nine and ten, when we (means students) were to study a whole collection of poems as a part of our English syllabus (in I.C.S.E). Poetry had a profound influence on me and to this date I remember quite a few poems from my English poetry text book. I wish to post some of those poems here, without which this diary will be so incomplete.

I am not aware of any copyright issues but would like to declare in this post that unless otherwise stated, no works of poetry published on this blog belong to me and I shall make every effort to mention the name of the poet clearly for each poem I post here.

Note: I do not intend to make this blog an alternative for newspapers or television. Most of my views will be based on what I see and read in media. I am not a pro-writer but I am learning with each post. I believe that this blog gives me a source to vent out all that I think and satisfies an innate hunger to write. In my short blogging experience, I have realized that writing down what one thinks, such that the reader gets the exact picture in your mind, is very difficult and I hope to come up the curve with each new article I post here.