Paul Van Dyk: The god of trance

I must tell you that I am an ardent follower of trance, electronic and euro dance music.paul.gif And one guy, whose music I believe is earth-moving, is Paul Van Dyk. I have never heard music so hypnotic. Nothing pushes me to dance (I am not a dance buff though) as much as this guy’s music. I tell you what you got to hear it to know it. I have the following albums from this guy:

1. The Politics of Dancing Vol. 1 and Vol. 2
2. The Politics of Dancing 2
3. Out there and back
4. Reflections

I wish to have his older albums like seven ways, 45 rpm etc but could not find them here in India. And getting them shipped from else where is turning out to be too expensive. Other guys I listen to under these genres is BT, DJ Tiesto, Oakenfold and a few others. Worldspace’s channel 202 aka System is a heaven for people with similar tastes.