Cherry Blossom

A perfect blossom is a rare thing Sakura in Tokyo from James T. Kirk on Vimeo.

The Perfect Omlette

Ingredients: 1. Three egg whites 2. Salt 3. Chat Masala 4. Chili Flakes 5. 1.5 tablespoons of Extra Virgin, Refined Olive Oil 6. Painstakingly acquired skill 🙂 Calories count: Roughly 140 cals An interesting video tutorial (ignore the sponsor message) on how to make a perfect omlette:

“The Last Question” and why I am so intrigued by it

Hi, Yesterday I wanted to read this amazing short story by Isaac Asimov that I had read long ago during my MBA course. I did not know the title of the story and only remembered that it ended with the following line: “Let there be light”. So I googled “Let there be Light + Isaac… Continue reading “The Last Question” and why I am so intrigued by it

Celestial Questions

Note: Through this article I do not intend to endorse or promote any religion. This post is purely an effort to present some truly thought-provoking questions which should be read and reasoned upon, by all of us. After reading this post, you might ask why did I name this post “Celestial Questions”. This is because… Continue reading Celestial Questions

Been a while

Hi, It has been well over a year since I posted something new on my blog. However, now I shall try to be more active than ‘usual’. Frankly, another article describing my experiences or rather whereabouts (during 2007) should have come after my last post on world politics which was way back in December of… Continue reading Been a while

I.Q. tests on Tickle

Hmmm. Ever heard of I gave an IQ test on this website a few days ago (just for fun types). The told me that my intellect type is Visual Mathematician 😉 and my score: 131. I then gave another test where in my true color came out as black (as if I did not… Continue reading I.Q. tests on Tickle

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