Absolutism or un-absolutism? My Views

Definitely un-absolutism.

Careful study of the ancient texts (Gita is particular) shows that the ancients had the knowledge of parallel universes and time travel (I do not imply that they were able to travel in time because I frankly don’t know about that). Concept of parallel universes is an excellent point and it kind of refutes my thought and the ancient texts themselves.

“Death of a body/ moksha of a soul is an absolute and death it self is the ultimate truth.”

With reference to the issues like:



LTTE/Sri Lanka/India/Norway

Congress/BJP/Left Front/Third Front/The common man

There is nothing absolute and there will be no absolute because of the imperfections in intelligence (wrt mankind). The very way we have evolved, developed systems, sub-systems and setup a way of life is imperfect and “un-absolute”. To elucidate this, here is a simple observation:

At the dawn of the age of reason (the time when the ape became intelligent and started calling himself man) every one was equal and today the society is divided into haves and have nots. Why?

The system and its users are imperfect.

Stephen Hawking once said that developing a theory of every thing will be like knowing the mind of god. I believe that our mission is to work for removal of imperfections and make the un-absolute absolute. However, our inherent imperfections, hypocrisy and inability to resolve/ accommodate conflict of view-point will never let that happen or at least it seems like that). When I am really pissed-off, I say “intelligence is a bane”.

P.S. I am not a pessimist though I may appear to be one because nothing is absolute.

Meanings for “absolute” (ref. answers.com): Perfect in quality or nature; complete, total, utter, unqualified, unconditional, unlimited, supreme, fixed.