Mumbai Terror Attacks – No Fate

I write this article with a very heavy heart. The thought flow in this article might appear haphazard and the sentences might seem lengthy and verbose. My apologies to the readers, as penning emotions is not an easy task, even for seasoned bloggers (and I am just a beginner).

From the last four day I have been following the incidents related to the Mumbai terrorist attacks on all kinds of media and news sources (such as TV, Twitter, Blogs, Live video streams, Foreign News channels, Foreign and India print media, security sites and even terrorist websites!). I sat in front of the television with my laptop and followed the incident on twitter (#mumbai), websites and TV channels simultaneously. I have reviewed every statement and incident in great detail (while ignoring my personal and professional responsibilities).

I have come to the conclusion that everything that could go wrong with our (India’s) handling of this disaster has gone wrong. We were caught napping.

Terrorists came to OUR land, shed OUR (and our guests’) blood

They made a mockery of our system as they hijacked a government vehicle and roamed about in the city spraying bullets from it.

They smiled at us before shooting us from a point blank range.

They have come to our land and ravaged us repeatedly and we have been unable to act!

On the contrary, they were completely successful in all that they wished to accomplish. This is our failure, not victory. We are ashamed and now unable to hold our head high in the international community. This failure is devastating. It has hurt our pride. Israel has called our handling of this event as slow and confused response. We gave them the opportunity to say this and we had nothing concrete to defend ourselves. (In a world where globalization and free trade has been rapidly expanding, it is the supreme responsibility of every country to protect its people, businesses, and guests. A failure is absolutely unacceptable)

History is a testament to the fact that we have always failed to protect ourselves from foreign attacks. Babur, Mahamud of Ghazni, Ahmed Shah Abdali, Nadir Shah and the East India Company: They all came and bled us white (with exception of Babur who chose to settle down and make our country his own, however it is believed that Mughal era was a period of intellectual darkness for India).

I believe that our police system is incapable of protecting us. While our army is capable, their potency is severely marred by our political system.

Considering all this I have concluded that we as a country have become incapable of protecting ourselves. Whatever has transpired so far makes me feel insecure.

I feel alone and insecure on my soil and in my house.

I am considering buying a gun, a bullet proof jacket/helmet and join a military training course. I will wear the jacket every time I go to a public place so that I have some chance of surviving such an attack. I’d rather fight the terrorists than die helplessly at their gun point. I have spent considerable time and effort in becoming whatever little I am. My parents have spent loads of time, money and sacrificed in supporting me to become someone. My life is important to me. I believe that I can make a difference somewhere and I therefore refuse to die cheaply at the hands of some gun totting, brainless and fucked-up zealot.

I am sure this thought may be going through the minds of many Indians. We have collectively lost faith in our political system and they are repeatedly reaffirming our beliefs with their immature actions during this crisis situation. Here is what I am talking about:

  • Maharashtra’s Chief Minister goes on a disaster site tour (read picnic) with a movie director and his son (a movie actor).
  • For Christ’s sake show some seriousness man. Why do need to have a movie director and an actor by your side during such a tour?? Is this a joke?? Don’t you even care about what the media and the people will think about you?

  • BJP Senior Leader and PM candidate for next central elections decides to skip an all party meet convened to discuss this critical security issue at hand. Reason?
  • He thinks that campaigning for a state assembly election in Rajasthan is more important that trying to work together to device a new fool-proof security set-up for our country.

  • State Home Minister of Maharashtra called the Terror Attacks on Mumbai as a minor and casual/common incident in a big city like Mumbai. (He actually said exactly that!!)
  • Jeez!! Was this guy drunk or something? Some one please remove him immediately!!!

  • A ruling party spokesperson on Karan Thapar’s show (War of Words) is asked a direct question about this failure and he shamelessly tries to evade it.
  • He knows that Mr. Thapar can grill him on the issue and he therefore just evades the questions altogether. Isn’t he answerable to the nation?

  • On Headlines Today (an Indian News Channel), the anchor asks a ruling party spokesperson a direct question which is as follows:
  • Why did the NSG commandos take 9 hours to reach Mumbai from Delhi, when they are capable of reaching any location in India within 2 hours?

    To this the minister says that the info is incorrect. At best the NSG commandos could have reached the site within 7 hours i.e. “just” two hours earlier…

    This guy calls two valuable hours, “just two hours”. Can you imagine the number of lives that could be saved had the NSG reached even an hour earlier? He is bargaining on a matter of national security right in front of the nation and on a live show!!! This is akin to saying, “hey we are not naked; we still have the undees on…”

    Shocked at such a remark by the minister, the anchor rightfully blasts the minister and his audio channel is muted, virtually removing him from the discussion(perhaps to allow others to speak).

  • The outgoing home minister says that he decided to quit (read sacrifice his post) so that other officials need not have to face the heat/axe on this debacle.
  • OMG!! This guy is a saint and he needs to be decorated for this “sacrifice”. Sarcasms apart, I think he is one of the most incapable home ministers our country has ever seen. His remarks on the television regarding every terrorist incident the country has faced (in the recent past) have been very casual and many say that he was not even perceived to be taking any steps to improve the security situation in the country.

We the citizens of the largest democracy in the world are totally frustrated by our politicians. It is not that we do not have the intelligentsia to run our country; it is about this cancerous system called the Indian politics that has frustrated us beyond any measure.