Interesting Quotations from Media

I had a couple of notes in my phone that I noted while reading newspapers over the last few months. There isn’t any context to them and I have noted them out of random articles that I have been reading. Thought I shall put them here:

– “But all over the factory there developed a myth of the Japanese manager. The one who is groomed in the fires of the factory floor. And not on the syllabus of PowerPoint, Segmentation and Strategy”

– “ICBMs are the idiom of power in international relations. Even as economic might plays a greater role in shaping international power equations, hard power remains central both for national deterrence and for power-projection force capability”

– “No nation can be a major power without three key attributes: (1) a high level of autonomous and innovative technological capability (2) a capacity to meet basic defense needs indigenously. (3) a capability to project power far beyond its borders, especially through intercontinental-range weaponry”