The World is Flat by Thomas L. Friedman (Book Review 007)

ISBN: 0141022728 Tagline: The Globalized world in the Twenty-First century Hanging around for almost a month with The World is Flat, I finally completed it despite all the time constraints I was under. I have never read such a thick book back-to-back in my life until this one and this book is very special not… Continue reading The World is Flat by Thomas L. Friedman (Book Review 007)

Mushroom Rice: A novel view on international relations by M.J. Akbar

I came across this article Mushroom Rice by M.J. Akbar in Sunday (October 15th, 2006) issue of the newspaper Deccan Chronicle, under his famous editorial series Byline.

With the recent nuclear tests by North Korea and America’s ire over Iran’s nuclear enrichment programme, the international scenario has reached a potential dew point. Fuelling this is the widespread outcry (in U.S and U.K.) against the Iraq war, the recent Israel – Lebanon crisis, the statements about religious revolution in America (by Mr. Bush) and Pope’s accusations against Islam (for which he apologized later after the damage had already been done). So we have the superpowers riled up in the war act which has weakened them and various events which point to a further deterioration of world order.

But who stands to gain amidst all this? M.J. Akbar points to China. It is a new view to the world foreign-relations scenario for me. Interested? Read on…